Subject FSN Product Information (Standard Conditions)
    Author 包府磊  Date    2010-02-26 

Product Information

Question: Where can I get more information about FSN⑩ Products and Services?
Answer: At the official website http://www.FSNdisplay.com. If you do not find some products that you need please contact us or send and email to josephkim@fsndisplay.com

Question: Where can I see FSN⑩ Products live?
Answer: Demonstrations can be arranged at our Show Room in our Headquarters, at selected trade shows where FSN⑩ is used, or at the Business Partners' show rooms located in a wide range of countries.


Question: Is there an initial training and maintenance team?
Answer: Yes, and there are two ways to do this:
1) You send a technician to FSN Europe. This is the best method because all systems and engineers are available in our headquarters.
2) We send our engineer to do the first installation and he will train your group in the process, on-site. In this case, travel and accommodation are arranged by you.


Question: Does FSN⑩ software require computer programming? If so, can anybody do it?
Answer: Usually the only programming needed is to create the contents that need to be shown. Content creation can be done by us, by you, by the end user or by one of their sub-contractors.


Question : What is the manufacturer warranty status?
Answer: FSN⑩ technology has one year on parts and labor.
1 year for TFT LCD
3 years for the ad board


Question : Are the parts of the different products ready for shipment from FSN⑩ or should authorized Business Partners maintain stock?
Answer: Business Partners are not required to maintain stock. FSN⑩ keeps many parts in stock. However, given the wide range of configurations possible, some parts for a specific configuration may need to be arranged. In this case, it may take between 2 to 5 weeks to be ready for shipment. If you run a 'time critical' installation, that specific case should be discussed in detail, eventually considering the need for you to keep some stock of your own.


Question : How long do FSN⑩ products last?
Answer: The core element we provide is hardware and software with a lifetime expectancy of around 12~36 years. If you want you can locally provide to your end-user the Plasma, LCD Tv.


Question : Does the FSN⑩ technology degrade the picture quality ?
Answer: No. The picture quality is the same as any computer video or image. FSN⑩ technology does not degrade the picture quality.


Question : Exclusivity: Does FSN⑩ offer Business Partner exclusivity in territories?
Answer: That requires a very careful and in-depth analysis.